I am Heather Noggle, wife of Brian J. Noggle, who took this picture.

I have finally finished my 100 things. How many can you read before boredom forces you elsewhere?
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The Bob Marley lookalike ambled
  from the Public Defender's office
  across Ninth Street to the WALK
  sign adjacent to the Post Office.
  And to me he said upon arrival:

  "You got reaaaaaal wisdom sissssssssssssssster;
  And he paused.
  "Those women in pants.
  "They don't
  catch no wind."



(100 things are below)
  1. My maiden name is Igert, which is tiger with the "t" at the end.
  2. I was born July 29, 1972 at 1:02 pm EST.
  3. Which was my due date.
  4. And I am hours older or younger than Wil Wheaton.
  5. I got married at age 26, on May 22, 1999 to Brian J. Noggle.
  6. I met Brian by accident - because he happened to post this and have an e-mail address that began with stl (for St. Louis).
  7. I e-mailed him; he e-mailed back. And so it was...
  8. We have five cats. They are, in descending age order: John Galt, Tristan, Dominique, Ajax, and Aurora.
  9. I have an uncle who has an engineering patent.
  10. My mother is retired from teaching and is writing a book.
  11. She's 6'1" tall. Which means that all of the shelves in the house were used.
  12. Even the top one, which was disconcerting, because I'm only 5'8" tall.
  13. I'm also a size ten.
  14. But I'm trying to drop into an 8? (Isn't everyone).
  15. I'm also an avid weightlifter currently on a bodybuilding split.
  16. This summer, I learned how to ride a bike - a road bike.
  17. With the special shoes and clips.
  18. I fell a few times.
  19. And then I rode the bike a LOT (a decent estimate is 700 miles from June through September).
  20. I also played two nights of softball each week this summer.
  21. And I also have a nutrition fetish.
  22. I like to post healthy recipes on the blog.
  23. And extoll the virtues of soy (but not tofu!)
  24. Some of this is because I dislike some unlikely unhealthy things.
  25. Like, I can't drink soda because of the carbonation.
  26. Which means I don't drink beer, either.
  27. And I often ask people "what does Coke taste like" because I truly don't know. (They say, "Coke," usually).
  28. But I especially like Amaretto Sours.
  29. And I despise pudding.
  30. And mashed potatoes.
  31. But I really, really like to eat.
  32. But I don't like my food to touch.
  33. And I like pizza. A lot.
  34. My favorite pizza is a pan pizza with sausage and mushroom, light on the cheese and heavy on the sauce.
  35. Governed by my Id, I'd eat Chili's Chicken Crispers, rhubarb pie, and black bottom cake.
  36. Every meal.
  37. Thank goodness for self control.
  38. When I'm not blogging, I'm working, exercising, wirting, writing (because I believe they are different things), socializing, eating, reading, or sleeping.
  39. I'm a software developer (web).
  40. Been doing this about four years now.
  41. Before that, I was in Human Resources.
  42. And every professional job before this one has been in the public sector.
  43. Which might explain why I was pursuing a Master's degree in Public Administration.
  44. Which I will likely never finish now.
  45. But that's all right.
  46. I have a BS in Communication Management.
  47. From Southwest Missouri State University, December of 1994.
  48. I always made good grades in school.
  49. If we had infinite money, I'd go back.
  50. When I started college, I was a music major.
  51. And I played trumpet in the Southwest Missouri State University Bruin Pride Band.
  52. Which was really large (400+) my freshman year (1990) because the band had a scheduled trip to London.
  53. I had to take a semester off of college (spring of 1992) due to illness.
  54. Rare cancer, actually - parotid (salivary gland).
  55. This was discovered in mid October of 1991.
  56. And I plan to write about it in November because of the 12th anniversary.
  57. I'm fine now and have been very healthy for the last five years.
  58. But I have a wicked scar.
  59. That I had surgery on in late 1992.
  60. So now it's just a really thin, faded, and in-the-crease-of-my-neck wicked scar.
  61. But it is 8 inches long.
  62. And I have 6 tattoos used to treat the cancer.
  63. And I sweat on the right side of my face when I eat.
  64. Because my facial nerve hooked up to a sweat gland when the parotid gland was removed. This is called Frey's Syndrome.
  65. This made for some interesting first dates.
  66. I like personality tests.
  67. And in Myers-Briggs, I'm an ESTJ, with the E and S being "barely" and the T and J being off the charts.
  68. My Enneagram is 8w9. For both types.
  69. On a work style quiz I took when I worked for the University of Missouri, there was a continuum from steady to urgent. I was an off-the-charts "urgent."
  70. I like word games.
  71. My highest two-person Scrabble score is 487. (And Brian scored 322 that game).
  72. Not surprisingly, I know all of the two-letter words. And a lot of Q words where U doesn't follow.
  73. But I really like Boggle. I almost never lose.
  74. But to get Brian to play, it usually has to be Strip Boggle.
  75. Because that's more fun.
  76. I also spell very well.
  77. And I love to read.
  78. And I love classical mythology because it applies to so many allusions.
  79. Though my favorite pleasure reading is junk mysteries - medical and computer being my favorites.
  80. My favorite modern novel is Soldier of the Great War, by Mark Helprin.
  81. And my favorite classic, though also somewhat modern, is The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand.
  82. My favorite play is Shakespeare's Macbeth.
  83. And I can recite the entire first scene.
  84. I like poetry and have written, oh, just a bit.
  85. I've been published online and in print, including a couple of these collections.
  86. If you're interested, links to my poetry can be found here.
  87. And my favorite modern poet is Lyn Lifshin.
  88. The only other bloggers I've met are the ones I work with (so I knew them before any of us blogged).
  89. I'm a clean freak.
  90. But I'm not a neat freak. At all.
  91. I like to stuff things under beds and in closets to get them out of the way.
  92. And I seem to relax about these things more and more as I get older.
  93. I dislike fire.
  94. And I don't like to clap (you know, applaud).
  95. I don't like clowns, either.
  96. But I love hockey, as if that's somehow related.
  97. But I can't play because I can't skate backwards.
  98. My eyelashes curl down.
  99. And my fingernails curl up.
  100. And those things came out of nowhere, but I don't care because I'm done!